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Date of Issue: June 28, 2007

No problem for 3 of 4 requests in Bradenton Beach

Developers were 3-for-4 before the Bradenton Beach City Commission last week, as officials approved letters of no objection for construction seaward of the state coastal control line to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

The CCCL, as explained by city attorney Ralf Brookes, is mostly a “line in the sand” that serves as a marker for more-intense construction than developments farther away from the shore. In Bradenton Beach, the line meanders east of Gulf Drive.

Properties closer to the Gulf of Mexico need special permits from the DEP for development, and that special permit process by state officials generally commences with a statement of no-objection from local officials.

The city used to leave the process to the building official. After some issues, city commissioners decided to step in and make the decision on whether or not such permissions should be granted.

In action last week, the Beach House Resort, 1000 Gulf Drive N., got vetoed in its DEP request by city officials. The development is in two parts, with the northern element having to undergo major structural changes due to unforeseen circumstances related to its original plans dating back many years, according to building official Steve Gilbert.

Those changed plans will require the developer to come before the city’s planning and zoning board for a recommendation to the city commission, he said.

Brookes said that the city is required to provide to the state in writing that it has no objection to the project for it to proceed to that level. Since there are still issues on the condo development from the local front, he suggested the city commission demur from sending the no-objection letter. Commissioners concurred.

Other developments that did reach concurrence for submittal to the state without objection were:

  • Oasis Beach Houses, 2309 Gulf Drive N., owner Hernando Carrillo, a duplex.
  • Ibach family, 2216 Gulf Drive N., a single-family home.
  • Barefoot Princess condominiums, 401 Gulf Drive N., a duplex.

The three developments do not need any special attention by the city other than the usual inspections while under construction, Gilbert said.