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Date of Issue: June 07, 2007

Causley firm hired as building official for Bradenton Beach

Bradenton Beach city commissioners have retained the services of M.T. Causely company to provide building official services to the city.

The firm - specifically Steve Gilbert - has been working as interim building official since March in the wake of Ed Mc Adam's departure.

The firm will be paid $109,000 for one year of service, but that figure may be negotiated to a lesser figure after meetings with firm president Mike Causley, Mayor John Chappie said.

"We can change the hours," Chappie said of Gilbert's duties for the city. "We can cut him down to 30 hours, or even 20 hours a week, depending on the economy. What we've done in the past doesn't work."

Vice Mayor John Shaughnessy agreed with Chappie.

"He's not the cheapest," Shaughnessy said, but added that based on the company accepting liability for any issues that may come up with any decisions made by the department, "it's Causley's responsibility, not ours. I like that."

M.T. Causley is a private company that provides a variety of services to public agencies.

Causley has said his firm developed from his experiences as the building official in Miami-Dade County after Hurricane Andrew. "We have a team of people that we can draw upon," he has said, "anything you need, from structural engineers to planners to architects. We do this in 30 cities in Florida."

Mc Adam was paid about $82,000 a year, plus a city vehicle. Causley will provide insurance, benefits and a vehicle for Gilbert.

There were three other applicants for the position. Pay range for the others was in the $65,000 to mid-$70,000 area, with insurance, benefits and vehicle to be included in the package paid for by the city.

The final negotiated Causley payment package is expected to be approved by the city commission later this month.