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Date of Issue: July 05, 2006

Fine levied on Rosa del Mar project by city

The sum of $250 per day has been levied by the Bradenton Beach Code Enforcement Board against developers of a Gulffront property until a mound of dirt is leveled.

GSR Development LLC, with principals Robert Byrne and Steve Noriega, is the owner of the Rosa del Mar property. Located in the 2500 block of Gulf Drive, the site was originally approved for 14 condominium units, but problems arose.

Although the site was cleared in 2003 and a building permit issued, lack of progress on the site prompted city building official Ed Mc Adam to revoke the permit.

He also instructed GSR to re-grade the dirt stockpiled at the western edge of the property. That notice was made in May 2005.

Mc Adam again brought the matter to GSR’s attention in April 2006 and, failing to have a response, initiated code enforcement proceedings to move the dirt pile that runs along the property north to south.

To explain, Mc Adam had cited a section of the city codes that reads, in part, "The city of Bradenton Beach desires to protect public safety, lives, buildings and structures by adopting regulations maintaining its coastal area free of accessory uses and obstructions that can cause public danger in the event of a hurricane or major storm event."

GSR attorney Fred Moore said he intends to file suit in court to block the code enforcement board action. He added that GSR intended to file for another building permit within 60 days and that moving the dirt, at an expense of $25,000, would be unwarranted because it would then have to be moved back to its current location.

Code enforcement board members were unswayed by the argument and levied the fine, which went into effect June 30. GSR is also liable for more than $1,800 in fees that have accrued by the city in proceeding with the action by the board.