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Date of Issue: August 18, 2005

Renourishment may be extended

beach renourishment
Red dawn rising
Despite the recent outbreak of red tide along Island shores, crews from Goodloe Marine have continued to pump sand for renourishment onto the beach. Islander Photo: Jack Elka

Bad weather, red tide and mechanical problems may force contractor Goodloe Marine and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to extend the beach renourishment completion date into November.

The current contract, signed in early June, called on Goodloe Marine to complete renourishment in 120 days from the date the contract was signed.

But actual renourishment didn't begin until after the July 4 holiday, and stormy weather and mechanical problems with the dredge have pushed the schedule back.

Goodloe Marine supervisor Larry Chapman, however, said everything was "going well" and the company is "sticking to the schedule as much as possible."

Efforts to reach Corps Inspector Erasmo Rivera for comment on when the project should be completed were unsuccessful, but the "renourishment working group" is scheduled to meet at 10 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 18, and Manatee County Ecosystems Manager Charlie Hunsicker may broach the subject again.

"When I first suggested extending the completion date, the Corps was definitely not interested," said Hunsicker. With more delays caused by bad weather, dead fish and faulty equipment, however, the Corps may have no choice but to reconsider.

As of Monday, Aug. 15, renourishment had only reached the 60th Street beach access in Holmes Beach after starting at 80th Street. Renourishment is to continue south on the Island to Coquina Beach. The .6 mile Anna Maria portion won't see renour