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Date of Issue: August 30, 2007

Ex-commissioner requests comp plan review

Former Anna Maria City Commissioner Linda Cramer is determined to not go down without a fight.

Stung by a vote of her former commissioners to not designate the land use for her property on Pine Avenue as retail-office-residential on the future land-use map of the city’s proposed comprehensive plan, Cramer has asked the Florida Department of Community Affairs to review the city’s comp plan.

Through attorney Michael Connolly, who has previously represented the city on a land-use issue, Cramer, “as an affected person hereby requests the Florida Department of Community Affairs review the proposed comprehensive plan amendments” from Anna Maria.

Connolly further asked the DCA to inform him when it issues its mandatory “Notice of Intent” to find that the city’s recently completed revised comprehensive plan is “in compliance or not in compliance.”

The commission drew Cramer’s ire when it changed the land use on its future land-use map on both sides of Gulf Drive south from the Pine Avenue intersection to half-way through the block ending at Palmetto Avenue to retail-office-residential. But the last half-block parcel on Gulf Drive’s west side was was not designated ROR and that is owned by Cramer.

A vocal group of Palmetto Avenue residents had lobbied long and hard against the inclusion of Cramer’s property in the ROR district, which it opposes along most of Gulf Drive.

Cramer said she had her attorney write the letter to ensure that the city’s comprehensive plan meets all legal requirements under Florida law and to protect her property rights.


DCA sets comp plan dates

The Florida Department of Community Affairs is reviewing Anna Maria’s recently submitted comprehensive plan amendments and future land-use map designations.

In a letter to the city, the DCA advised the city that its submission of proposed land uses and comprehensive-plan changes “appears to be complete,” and the DCA will review the plan according to the proper amendment.

The DCA said the city will receive a notification on Sept. 19, with the DCA determination “as to whether the amendments will be reviewed” according to Florida statutes. The DCA will identify which amendments will and will not be reviewed.

Anna Maria began its comprehensive plan revision process in January 2003.