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Date of Issue: August 04, 2005

Renourishment continues despite Red Tide smell

Renourish Beach
Dredging progress
The Island beach renourishment project had made its way from 80th Street south to the 6900-7100 block of Gulf Drive at the Nautilus and Tiffany Place condominiums and Bali Hai resort at presstime. Work crews from Goodloe Marine last week continued pumping sand for the beach renourishment project, despite a sudden outbreak of red tide in the Gulf of Mexico that brought dead fish and an accompanying odor to Island shores. Islander Photo: Jack Elka

Workers from Goodloe Marine handling the beach renourishment effort along the beach donned masks and goggles last Friday to deal with a sudden outbreak of red tide.

Larry Chapman of Goodloe Marine said the resulting odor was so strong, he brought in surgical masks and goggles for the crew to keep working. A respirator was also on hand in the unlikely event any worker was overcome by the odor of rotting fish.

The smell is "horrible," Goodloe noted, but crews are still working. "It’s going according to plan, we just have to work through the red tide," he said.

Crews had pumped sand from 80th Street to 72nd Street in Holmes Beach by last Friday.