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Date of Issue: September 09, 2009

City proposes $7.8 million budget

Holmes Beach city commissioners are considering a $7,865,490 budget for fiscal 2009-10.

This year’s budget is $8,127,723.

A public hearing on the spending plan is scheduled for 6 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 9, at city hall, 5801 Marina Drive.

The revenue portion of the budget provides for $903,933 from state sources, $3,364,500 from local sources and identifies $3,597,057 in carryovers and reserves.

Declines are projected in most revenue categories, including money from gas, sales and alcoholic beverage taxes, construction permits and state revenue sharing.

On the expense side, the budget provides $100,990 for the mayor/commission operations, $655,993 for general government operations, $2,030,479 for the police department, $1,964,364 for public works operations, $145,027 for code enforcement and $391,000 for stormwater utility projects.

For each of the expense categories, the budget shows increases in FICA contributions. The budget also shows increased costs for insurance and most salaries.

Overall, expenses increased $11,553 for the police department from this year to fiscal 2009-10 and $2,731 for the code enforcement department. Stormwater utility funds were increased to allow the city to tackle drainage for three basins and engineering work for two other basin projects in the next year.

But total expenses are down for several departments compared to this year. The mayor/commission budget decreased by $60,755 and the general government budget dropped by $2,291. The public works department budget went down $253,471, with the biggest change in improvements funded with the local option gas tax.

The proposed millage rate for 2009-10 is 1.7549 mills, which is higher than the 1.5989 rate set for this year and last year, but lower than rates from 1997-2007. For much of that period, the millage rate was 2 mills or more.