Sports – 01-12-2011

Football action returns to Center roster

NFL Flag Football is back in action at the Anna Maria Island Community Center and it’s the biggest sports season ever. There are more than 250 participants on 33 teams in five age divisions ranging from the an age 5-7 group up to the adult league, which boasts 11 teams.

The 10-12 division is packed with players and 10 teams, which are split into two conferences — just like the real NFL. The season runs from now until the end of May and culminates with a super bowl and all-star games for each age division.

Check out The Islander each week for game reports, scores, standings and game-of-the-week action.

At the pits

Three teams emerged from pool play during Jan. 8 horseshoe action at the Anna Maria City Hall horseshoe pits. Ron Pepka and Jay Disbrow drew the bye into the finals, pitting Sam Samuels and Bruce Munro against Norm Good and Paul Sheaffer in the semifinal. Samuels-Munro rolled past Good-Sheaffer 23-10 before decimating Pepka-Disbrow 21-3 in the final.

Four teams qualified for the playoffs during Jan. 5 horseshoe action. Norm Good and Ron Pepka rolled past Rod Bussey and Art Kingstad 22-7 in the first semifinal, while Herb Puryear and Sam Samuels edged Jerry Disbrow 22-17 in the second semifinal game. The finals saw Good and Pepka outlast Puryear and Samuels 22-17.

Play gets under way at 9 a.m. every Wednesday and Saturday at the Anna Maria City Hall pits. Warmups begin at 8:45 a.m. followed by random team selection. There is no charge to play and everyone is welcome.

Key Royale golf news

The women of the Key Royale Club played a nine-hole, individual-low-net game on Jan. 4 in five flights. Flight AA winner was Laura Purcell with a 2-over-par 34, one stroke better than second-place finisher Jean Holmes. Cindy Miller took third place with a 37.

Flight A saw Marcia Helgeson, Diane Miller and Penny Williams card matching 1-under-par 31s to tie for first place, two shots ahead of Lynn Dailey, who was alone in second place.

Ginny Nunn and Sandy Dahl both carded 5-under-par 27s to tie for first place in Flight B, while Beverly Neville and Kris Landkammer tied for second place at 2-under-par 30. One shot back were Joyce Brown and Sue Christensen, who tied for third place.

Flight C was won by Roxanne Koche with a 3-under-par 29 that was one shot better than second-place finisher Sally Keyes and three shots ahead of Denise Burckhardt and Barb Harrold, who tied for third place.

Mary Pat Swamy captured Flight D with a 4-under 28, one shot better than Jane Winegarden and Christina Mason, who tied for second place. Margaret Schuller took third with a 31, while Eunice Warda was alone in fourth place with an even-par 32.

The women also had a low-putts game going, which also finished in a tie for first place. Rose Slomba and Jane Winegarden scored 13 putts apiece.

AMICC NFL Flag Football League schedule


Jan. 13       5:30       Sato vs. BTBC

Jan. 13       6:30       Slims vs. Duffy’s

Jan. 13       7:30       Hanks vs. Sun

Jan. 13       8:30       Martini vs. Walter

Jan. 13       9:30       Ralph’s vs. Jessie’s

13-16 Division

Jan. 12       8 p.m.    Bones vs. Bistro

Jan. 18       8 p.m.    Bones vs. BVV&H

10-12 Division

Jan. 12       6 p.m.    Ross vs. Sandbar

Jan. 12       7 p.m.    Southern vs. Eat Here

Jan. 14       7 p.m.    Holy Cow vs. Oyster

Jan. 14       8 p.m.    Southern vs. LaPensee

Jan. 15       1 p.m.    Walter vs. Spiffy

Jan. 18       6 p.m.    Spiffy vs. Holy Cow

Jan. 18       7 p.m.    LaPensee vs. LPAC

8-9 Division

Jan. 14       6 p.m.    Connelly vs. IRE

Jan. 15       11 a.m.  Beach Bums vs. Connelly

5-7 Division

Jan. 12       6 p.m.    LPAC vs. Dental Spa

Jan. 14       6 p.m.    Connelly vs. LPAC

Jan. 14       7 p.m.    Tyler’s vs. Dental Spa

AMICC NFL Flag Football League standings

8-9 Division                Won      Loss     Tie

Island Real Estate       1            0          0

Beach Bums                1            1          0

Connelly Marine         0            2          0

10-12 Division


Southern Greens         1            0          0

Ross Built                   1            0          0

Sandbar                       1            0          0

LPAC                          0            1          0

LaPensee                     0            1          0


Walter & Assoc.         1            0          0

Holy Cow                    1            0          0

Oyster Bar                   0            1          0

Mr. Spiffy                   0            1          0

Eat Here                      0            1          0

13-16 Division

First Bank                   1            0          0

Mr. Bones                   0            1          0

BVV&H                      0            0          0

Bistro                          0            0          0


Duffy’s                        1            0          0

Sato Real Estate         1            0          0

MartiniVille                1            0          0

BTBC                          1            0          0

Sun                              1            0          0

Bob Vita                     0            1          0

Hurricane Hanks         0            1          0

Slims Place                 0            1          0

Rotten Ralphs             0            1          0

Walter & Assoc.         0            1          0

Jessie’s                        0            0          0

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