Woman found in Coquina waters

A woman was found unresponsive in the water off Coquina Beach at about 11:30 a.m. June 22.

An Island vacationer walking on the beach saw something floating in the water and ventured out. She found a woman on a floatation noodle, face down, and unresponsive.

The county’s marine-rescue lifeguards, who monitor Coquina, were the first on the scene. Chief Jay Moyles said the lifeguards removed the patient from the water and began life-saving procedures until a county emergency medical services team arrived.

Ron Koper, the county emergency medical services chief, said the EMS performed CPR and other advanced procedures and briefly resuscitated the woman.

Koper said the woman died, and the initial report indicated that a natural cause, not drowning, was suspected.

However, he said the cause of death would be determined by the medical examiner.

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