Fired Holmes Beach building inspector moves on

Holmes Beach building inspector Bob Shaffer was fired last month, but he’s back at work as president of a commercial and residential service company.

        The Florida Secretary of State Division of Business Services lists Shaffer’s company as MyRepairServices Inc., however, Shaffer said he recently requested a name change to MyConsulting/Management and Repair Services Inc.

        His current projects involve overseeing the permit process for some residential contractors in the area, he said, adding he is open to commercial work and expanding his geographical base.

        Shaffer declined to name his clients.

        After 10 years of working for the city of Holmes Beach and doing inspections on some 900 permits yearly, he said last week he did not resign before he left work Sept. 14, although he was considering it.

        “I let them terminate me. As a result, I left nine weeks of sick pay on the table,” Shaffer said.

        According to public works superintendent Joe Duennes,  Shaffer went on a planned vacation until Sept. 30, and was expecting him to call during his trip if he decided to resign.

        Shaffer said Duennes instead called him Sept. 18, and advised that the mayor had decided to terminate him. Shaffer also said the time off he had planned was a four-day vacation, not two weeks.

        Shaffer said his termination was “because of the political atmosphere.”

        He also said he’s not retained an attorney, and has had “quite an outpouring of condolences.

        “I’ve walked away and am doing fine,” Shaffer said.