AM commissioner pleased with shakeup

Anna Maria Commissioner Chuck Webb, who shook things up with a Jan. 24 motion that was approved to enforce 30-day minimum vacation rentals in the city’s residential zone, said he’s pleased the city is working toward solutions, even though commissioners rescinded his motion Jan. 29.

Immediately after his motion was rescinded, both Webb and Commissioner Gene Aubry spoke to the urgent need to meet and discuss issues and related topics to the vacation rental market. Aubry suggested the commission move “as fast as possible” toward solutions.

Webb added that with weekly workshops, “I hope it means we’re starting to get things done.”

A good start, he said, is the list of best practices for vacation rental owners, managers and tenants put together last year with the help of Mayor SueLynn.

However, Webb worries some owners and agents will ignore the practices for the sake of profit. It’s all about enforcement, he said.

SueLynn agreed. Positive enforcement of city codes will put a halt to problem renters, she said.

While Webb’s plan to enforce strict rental rules was struck down, he remained upbeat about the future of the city.

“We’ve got things moving and it’s going to be up to this commission to control the renters. Rental owners aren’t the problem, it’s the renters,” he said.

Mayor SueLynn said she hopes the word spreads soon that loud parties are not welcome in Anna Maria. A few citations issued to rowdy partygoers might solve some problems, she suggested.

The mayor has a database of city rental properties, owner and managers for each, and details on any recent complaints and violations for each property.

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