WMFR recommends PulsePoint apps

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The PulsePoint app shows medical emergencies. Islander Screenshot

West Manatee Fire Rescue is asking people to download the PulsePoint app and accompanying PulsePoint AED app.

Designed to help people find the closest automated-external defibrillator, the PulsePoint AED app also shows the location of people in need of help and can alert users who’ve marked themselves as CPR-trained when an emergency is registered nearby.

In addition, the PulsePoint app connects users to emergency services. Users can use the app to identify the most recent medical emergency calls, listen to radio communications from Manatee County Department of Public Safety and track the location of medical emergencies in the area.

In a public presentation on WMFR’s strategic plan Nov. 9 at the Island Library in Holmes Beach, WMFR Chief Tom Sousa told attendees to download the applications and encouraged any organization or business that has an AED to register the device on the app so people using PulsePoint and PulsePoint AED know it’s available in an emergency.

The apps will inform smartphone users when a medical emergency is taking place nearby and asks qualified CPR people to lend their service.

The PulsePoint apps are available free for Apple iPhone and Android phones.

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