Mote announces 16 red tide projects

Sarasota-based Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium named 16 projects for the second round of the Florida Red Tide Mitigation and Technology Development Initiative.

Mote leads the initiative — established in 2019 and supported with state appropriations — in partnership with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. The goal is to conduct research to reduce the impacts of Florida red tides, blooms of the toxin-producing algae species Karenia brevis.

A first round of projects was announced in early 2020.

“The projects selected for this round are made up of extremely diverse and innovative technologies, something that is really exciting for us at Mote and impactful for the Initiative,” Mote president and CEO Michael P. Crosby said in a news release Nov. 10.

He continued, “We know that there will be no one single silver bullet for mitigating red tide and its effects, so we are supporting developing technologies and methodologies that range from physical to chemical controls, early prevention to bloom treatment, projects led by universities, independent nonprofits like Mote, and for-profit businesses. We know that when we bring in the best and brightest from a variety of sectors we’re more likely to find solutions, and that’s what makes the Initiative such an exciting endeavor.”

Funded research involves efforts to improve monitoring and reporting technologies, mitigate impacts and create an algicide.

About 60 proposals were submitted for funding.

A panel of scientists from eight agencies and institutions reviewed the submitted proposals and decided which would receive about $2.1 million in total grant funding.

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