Palmetto woman arrested for DUI

A Palmetto woman arrested in Holmes Beach for driving impaired was sentenced to a year of probation in the 12th Circuit Court.

Kelli Baclich, 42, was sentenced Oct. 10, 2017, to complete a driving-under-the-influence program, a victim-impact panel and 50 hours of public service by Judge Douglas Henderson. The judge also suspended her driver’s license for six months.

Holmes Beach police arrested Baclich in August 2017 for driving erratically in the 4400 block of Gulf Drive.

The judge granted Baclich an automatic early termination upon successful completion of her probation.

She also was ordered to install an alcohol-detection device in her vehicle for six months.

According to a certificate filed in December 2017, Baclich successfully completed the DUI program.

Baclich was assessed $2,366 in court costs and fines and paid $445 as of Jan. 5, according to court records.

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