Bradenton man signs contract, sentencing deferred

The case of a 21-year-old man accused of possessing cocaine was placed on hold. It will be dismissed if he abides by a contract signed March 8.

Julian Z. Herrera of Bradenton pleaded no contest and signed onto a court intervention program. Twelfth Circuit Judge Economou agreed to postpone the case and, March 15, waived costs of supervision.

The contract requires Herrera to refrain from alcohol and drugs, not carry weapons and report to a CIP officer.

Herrera was arrested in October 2017 after a Bradenton Beach police officer discovered cocaine in his wallet when he returned to a vehicle after-hours at Coquina Park.

He was ordered by the judge into drug court in February.

Costs of drug court, police investigation, prosecution and the public defender totaling $1,650 were assessed to Herrera, according to court records.