Streetlife – 05-23-2018

Anna Maria

May 4, 200 block of Palm Avenue, license. A Manatee County sheriff’s deputy stopped a motorist for speeding and determined he was driving on a suspended license. The deputy confiscated the license for disposal and issued the motorist a summons to appear in court.

May 6, 400 block of Magnolia Avenue, license. Pulled over for running a stop sign, a woman gave a deputy a deceased person’s driver’s license. She was arrested for driving on a suspended license.

May 6, Newton Lane and Jacaranda Road, drugs. A deputy observed two men with a dog walk away from their belongings on the beach, leaving some dog items and two bags, one containing a bong. The deputy met the men with their belongings at an intersection, where one man gave permission to search a vehicle. In the search, deputies found marijuana wax. One man was ticketed for parking within 30 feet of stop sign and charged with possessing cannabis and paraphernalia. Friends picked them up.

Anna Maria is policed by MCSO.

Bradenton Beach

May 12, Circle K, 2513 Gulf Drive N., trespass. Bradenton Beach police responded to a store manager who told police she wanted to trespass a man who’d tried to steal beer earlier in the day. After taking the report and as he was leaving, the officer observed the man enter the store and witnessed the manager warn him for trespassing. The man was transported to the Salvation Army in Bradenton.

May 11, Cortez Beach, 1000 Gulf Drive S., burglary to vehicle. A woman reported $90, credit cards and an iPad power cord stolen from her locked Jeep. She also told police the glove box was rifled.

Bradenton Beach is policed by BBPD.


No reports.

Cortez is policed by MCSO.

Holmes Beach

May 11, Anna Maria Island Centre, 3200-3600 block East Bay Drive, trespass. A property manager asked a woman to pick up a pile of wet wipes next to her vehicle, but she refused. The manager trespassed the woman.

May 11, 100 block of 38th Street, information. A box of cremated ashes was found at the beach access. A funeral home in Nashville, Tennessee, was contacted, which resulted in the owner collecting the cremains at the Holmes Beach police station.

May 11, Manatee Public Beach, 4000 Gulf Drive, alcohol ordinance. A male and female were observed with vodka on the beach in violation of a city ordinance. They poured out the alcohol.

May 12, 500 block of 70th Street, vehicle burglary. Items from a vehicle left unlocked at night were scattered around the car the next morning. A wallet, containing identification, gift and credit cards, was reported missing.

May 12, 600 block of Emerald Lane, vehicle burglary. A vehicle left unlocked overnight was found burglarized in the morning. About $5 in change was stolen.

May 12, 400 block of 80th Street, noise. At 10:57 p.m., Holmes Beach police were dispatched to a complaint about a loud party. Police arrived, heard excessive noise from a large group and spoke to a woman responsible for the lease, who became irate and argumentative. Car alarms were activated and people called police multiple times. Police contacted the rental agency for the property and the renter was evicted.

May 13, West Coast Surf Shop, trespass. Three men and two women were arrested in the early morning hours for trespassing after police found them rummaging through a dumpster. The property is marked “No trespassing, construction site.” The women told police they were collecting clothes for the homeless. One woman threw a bag with a small amount of cocaine on the ground and she was charged with possessing an illegal drug.

May 13, Kingfish Boat Ramp, 752 Manatee Ave., alcohol. On patrol, an officer observed a man at a picnic table drinking a beer with several beers around him. The officer told the man to pour out the beers. He argued with the officer and the man was cited for violating the ordinance against alcoholic beverages in a public park.

May 13, 100 block of Aqua Lane, theft. A surveillance camera showed two people in a black SUV stealing a tree orchid and a ceramic flower pot from a driveway. The property was valued at $250.

May 15, Small Island Creamery, 5404 Marina Drive, and Dominos, 5606 Marina Drive. A makeup bag containing needles, a Brillo pad and a spoon with residue were found in the Creamery bathroom. Later that night, a woman matching the Creamery employees’ description of the woman who used the bathroom was observed in front of Dominos. Police asked if the bag was hers and the woman said no, but she had one like it. The officer took the bag for destruction.

Holmes Beach is policed by HBPD.

Streetlife is based on incident reports and narratives from the BBPD, HBPD and MCSO.

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