Anna Maria Island dotted with detours

Anna Maria Island traffic continues to contend with routes being shifted by Manatee County water and sewer line replacement work.

The project should wrap up in early 2019.

Gulf Drive in Holmes Beach was closed in April to northbound traffic at 81st Street, with traffic detoured to Palm Drive, according to Tina Allen, Manatee County public information officer.

Allen said Clark Drive and 78th and 79th streets north were to reopen June 7 at Palm Drive in Holmes Beach.

Planned closures June 11-19 include 75th, 76th and 77th streets north at Palm Drive, with travelers able to maneuver those areas via Marina Drive in Holmes Beach.

Traffic also may access 78th and 79th streets via Marina Drive, according to Allen.

Trolley stops in the project corridor will remain accessible with pipes laid out behind them.

“In the events of closures of adjacent side streets, trolley riders may need to access trolley stops by using alternative routes,” Allen wrote in a news release. “Pedestrians should avoid any attempts to cross over pipes or other construction materials and are asked to watch for trucks and heavy equipment operating in and near construction zones.”

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