Family continues tradition with ‘pier-amid’ pose

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The Busciglio family and friends pose July 4 at the Anna Maria City Pier for their annual holiday pyramid photo, a new take on a 21-year tradition. Islander Photo: Courtesy Dina Sheridan Photography

It started 21 years ago on the beach.

A family photo with the group stacked up in a pyramid. Children on top, of course. Time passed. Kids grew up and got married. More kids were born. Friends visited the island the Busciglio family raved about. So more people ended up in the pyramid.

You get the picture. Big pyramid.

Dina Busciglio Sheridan said her parents, John and Diana Busciglio, met on Anna Maria Island on Pine Avenue in 1956.

She followed them with her wedding at the Sandbar Restaurant in Anna Maria July 3, 2005.

On July 4 or close to the date, the extended family gathers on the island for a holiday celebration and a photograph.

“We’ve gotten so good at it that we draw three lines in the sand and everyone knows their weight class, which determines if they are on the bottom, middle or top row. Brides get the top center position and wear a veil the summer of their wedding year,” Sheridan said.

This year, paying homage to the Anna Maria City Pier, the family took a “pier-amid” shot, with the structure in the background.

“We wanted to recognize the city pier before the reconstruction. So we changed it up to feature our beloved pier in the background rather than our traditional pyramid formation,” Sheridan said.

Almost three dozen members took part in this year’s photo.

One year, there were almost 100 people stacked up in the triangle on the beach. Family members and longtime islanders from the Busciglio, Castellano, Gonzalez, Cagnina, Kilichowski, Diaz, Sheridan and others have piled on for the annual photo event.

— Sandy Ambrogi

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