HBPD arrest suspect, get confession for 75th Street attack

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Mark Lee Snyder, 55

An anonymous tip led authorities to arrest a 55 year-old man July 3 for the June 28 attack of a 71-year-old Holmes Beach woman — a burglary interrupted by the resident.

Holmes Beach Police Chief Bill Tokajer said the suspect, Mark Snyder, gave them a confession for the crimes during their interview.

Snyder of 4903 Gulf Drive, unit 5, adjacent to the north side of Anna Maria Elementary School, was arrested by Holmes Beach police following a tip on the vehicle he drove to the 75th Street home through an anonymous caller.

The HBPD published video that was widely shared on social media showing the vehicle as it approached on the street, as well as when it left, and the alleged burglar entering and leaving 530 75th St. on foot.

Snyder was a known as drifter in Holmes Beach, according to the HBPD.

The victim, on returning home from lunch with friends at about 2 p.m., encountered her attacker when she entered the bedroom.

He struck out at her, punching her in the face, knocking her to the floor and kicking her in her ribs.

Snyder was wearing a hat and a painter’s mask when he attacked the victim.

Her purse, containing cash, was left near the front door, although the suspect could be observed in the video leaving the home with two large duffel bags.

Police arrested Snyder at his home on charges of burglary with assault/battery, aggravated battery against a person 65 or older and theft.

The interviews were held at the Longboat Key Police Department, where they have a video-tape interview room, which the HBPD lacks, according to Tokajer.

Formal charges are pending review by the 12th Circuit Court State Attorney.

His arraignment had not been set by July 4.

3 thoughts on “HBPD arrest suspect, get confession for 75th Street attack

  1. Morgan Rothe

    Wow…..that was one heck of a great comment Janet…We should all heed your eminently-spoken words…..

  2. Janet Aubry

    I hope word gets out that Anna Maria Island residents stick together especially when it comes to one of their own. Kudos to the Holmes Beach police department assisted by the Manatee County Sheriff’s department for apprehending the burglary and assault suspect quickly and for doing a thorough job. It seems half the island didn’t know it happened until the other half did everything possible to spread the word to lock doors, sent video of the suspect on security tapes throughout the internet, and became extra eyes and ears to assist in the police investigation.

    Tragically we have lost much of our small town community to tourism, over development and greed. Growth begets change and introduces strangers like the “drifter” who committed this crime. We have more and more traffic and trash but those of us who are still here won’t be going down without a fight. The lifetime island resident and victim of this terrible crime kept on fighting. She inspires me to get back in the fray to fight our enemies. Fight development, fight DOT and the tall bridge, call b.s. on anything that brings harm, fear and blight to this place we are responsible for and love. Down with the TDC. Down with Carlos Beruff and Aqua By the Bay. Shame on the county and state for allowing blatant destruction of protected bird nests which are not only active but have babies in them. Where and how do these developers get “permits” to do these clearly illegal things. I wonder if they pay some of those elected officials to look the other way. I know why it happens – it’s all about development which begets money. Down with people who harm nature’s gifts from trees to turtles to sharks and protected birds. Vote out the politicians at the county and state level who do not have our interests at heart. While touting how great all the commercial activity is and all the money it brings in (which we personally never see), they don’t talk about the very real downside of what pandering to commercial interests brings along with the money. We have higher taxes for infrastructure, more demands for services for police, fire, etc. at tax payer expense, increased traffic that causes real inconvenience if you are trying to live and work here, and invites the invasion of certain people who are a real danger to us. There are many other crimes not publicized as much as this burglarly has been occurring here more and more regularly. What about the woman working at Jessie’s who was punched in the face? Or the many, many break ins into homes and cars in our own driveways. Sometimes they just take the cars. Most of them are never solved.. Our elected government officials have put us in harm’s way and increased our cost of living without a second thought. Somebody is making their money and that is all they care about. Worst of all their grand schemes bring harm to us and our friends and families. while they act as though they are somehow helping us or doing the right thing. I find it not only insulting to our intelligence but the worst kind of hypocrisy. Pay close attention to how they have voted and cast your vote accordingly. We deserve and must demand so much better representation and honest leadership from both the county and the state.. Get involved with Home Rule, Home Sweet Home, attend city and county meetings, educate yourself on the issues and make your voice heard. If we can get a grip on what the root causes are of things like this recent assault, it doesn’t need to happen again. Next time it may happen to you or me so let’s be proactive and see if we can eliminate the things that cause it.


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