Bradenton Beach, CRA hold back-to-back budget hearings

Bradenton Beach commissioners and the community redevelopment agency held public hearings and voted Sept. 6 to approve the first of two readings of the city’s proposed budget for the 2018-19 fiscal year.

CRA members Ed Chiles and John Horne were absent with excuse.

Based on the revenue and spending plan approved by the commission, the city will be enacting an 8.10 percent tax increase, as compared to an 8.97 increase for tax year 2017-18.

At a meeting in July, the commission voted unanimously to approve a tentative millage of 2.3392 for next fiscal year’s property taxes.

The millage is the same rate as the current year.

Millage is $1 per $1,000 of assessed property value. At 2.33 mills, the ad valorem tax on a property valued at $600,000 will be $1,398.

At the meeting Sept. 6, a unanimous city commission vote approved a repeat in the millage from the current year.

The CRA vote also was unanimous.

To avoid raising property taxes, the city would need to adopt the rollback rate. The rollback rate of 2.1581 is the millage needed to produce the same revenue as the current budget year.

There are several proposed spending increases in the proposed city budget.

The city previously voted to approve:
• A 2 percent cost of living adjustment for employees.
• A 6 percent general raise for staff.
• A $750 annual longevity bonus for those who work for the city two-five years, $1,200 a year for employees who have logged five-10 years and $2,000 annually for employment of more than 10 years.

Police department expenditures will rise from $538,905 in the current year to $1,143,188 for 2018-19, partly due to increases in salaries and benefits.

Administration expenditures — mostly staff raises — will increase from $324,591 in 2017-18 to $599,872 for 2018-19, a proposed increase of 85 percent.

City planning expenditures will rise from $194,497 in 2017-18 to $384,312 for 2018-19. This represents an increase of 98 percent.

Additionally, professional planning services will increase 161 percent, from $30,820 in 2017-18 to 80,500, if the 2018-19 budget ordinance is adopted.

commission voted Sept. 6 for a joint resolution of CRA funds and city funds. The vote carried unanimously.

City budgets are assimilated in an ordinance and require two public hearings and two votes.

Previously set for Sept. 13, the final public hearing for the 2018-19 CRA and city budgets will be at 5:05 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 19, at city hall.

Bradenton Beach
2018-19 tentative final budget
Total proposed budget expenditures: $3,606,461
Total proposed capital projects and reserves expenditures: $546,481
Total proposed budget revenues: $3,684,438
Total net: $77,977
Proposed ad valorem tax revenue: $1,443,399
Approved millage rate: 2.3329
Rollback rate: 2.1581
Percent of increase: 8.10

2017-18 budget
Budget expenditures: $1,655,235
Budget revenues: $2,116,519
Reserve spending: $162,703
Ad valorem tax revenue: $1,174,888
Millage rate: 2.3329
Rollback rate: 2.1408
Percent of increase: 8.97