Streetlife – 12-12-2018

Anna Maria

Nov. 30, Bayfront Park, confiscated property. Manatee County sheriff’s deputies on bike patrol observed a woman ducking in the back seat of an SUV. The officers approached the vehicle and, noting the odor of marijuana, searched the vehicle. The deputies found and seized two marijuana cigars.

Dec. 1, 100 block of Crescent Drive, drug/firearm. Mad at her boyfriend, a woman fired a gun toward the sky. Deputies responded and found her with controlled substances without prescriptions and paraphernalia. She was arrested on charges of illegal drug possession and discharging a firearm in public.

Dec. 2, 800 block of South Bay Boulevard, near drowning. A 4-year-old boy vacationing with relatives at a home was found unresponsive in the swimming pool. An uncle found the child and performed CPR. Sheriff’s deputies arrived to find the boy conscious and crying. EMS transported him to a medical facility.

Dec. 4, Sign of the Mermaid restaurant, 9707 Gulf Drive, probation violation. Manatee County sheriff’s deputies found two people asleep in a parked vehicle at the restaurant at 12:30 p.m. A man behind the wheel said he had consumed a mixed drink but wasn’t driving. He agreed to a breath test, which measured 0.93. Both the man and the passenger said they had permission from the landlord to park and sleep in the parking lot. The deputy determined the man was on probation that prohibits alcohol consumption, documented the incident and forwarded the report to the man’s probation officer.

Anna Maria is policed by the MCSO.

Bradenton Beach

        Nov. 27, 300 Bay Drive, Marchman Act. On patrol, Bradenton Beach police officers observed a 60-year-old man camping on a bench. After determining the man was intoxicated and unable to take care of himself, they took him to a medical facility under the Marchman Act.

Dec. 2, Cortez Beach at 12th Street South, animal complaint. A dog ran up and bit a 68-year-old man, who was walking on the beach at about 3:30 p.m. The man then punched the woman who owned the dog and her daughter, who were attempting to retrieve the dog. Police officers arrived and saw two puncture marks on the man’s leg. The woman was ticketed for having a dog on the beach. The officers referred the matter to Manatee County Animal Control officers, who arrived at the scene.

Bradenton Beach is policed by BBPD.


Nov. 24, 4500 block of 121st Street West, Baker Act. Parents called MCSO after their 17-year-old son locked himself in a public bathroom at the marina where they live. The teen apparently indicated he wanted to hurt himself and the deputy took him to a medical facility under the Baker Act.

Nov. 24, Manatee Fruit Co., 11703 40th Ave. W., theft. Coins valued at about $75 were stolen from jars inside desks in the office. MCSO requested a video surveillance tape from the company.

Nov. 30, Seafood Shack Marina, Bar & Grill, 4110 127th St. W., battery. Two men who live on a boat at the marina argued at the bar. When one man came back from the restroom, he paid their bill and met the other man outside. The other man accused his roommate of leaving him with the bill, pushed him into the water and left. The aggressor later called MCSO alleging wrongful eviction by the dockmaster. MCSO asked the caller to return to the dock, but he refused.

Cortez is policed by the MCSO.

Holmes Beach

Nov. 29, 700 block of Key Royale, disturbance. Holmes Beach police were called to a residence about two men arguing and fighting, and a potential threat with a gun. When police arrived, one of the two men was present. He told police he and his brother argued after becoming intoxicated and that their father had died earlier that day. The dispute became physical when one brother knocked the phone out of the other brother’s hand. No firearm was involved. Later, an officer spoke to the other brother who recounted the same story and agreed not to contact his brother for the remainder of the night.

Nov. 30, 5000 block on the beach, fireworks/alcohol. Holmes Beach police officers heard the sound of fireworks and located two men and two women on the beach, and observed one of the men in the process of igniting some fireworks. One of the women was in possession of an alcoholic drink. An officer ticketed the woman for alcohol on the beach and cited the man for using fireworks. The group left.

Dec. 1, 500 block of 72nd Street, animal complaint. Police were dispatched for a complaint of a constantly barking dog. No one was at the residence when police arrived. The complainants told police the dog had been barking for more than four hours. An hour later, officers found and ticketed a 32-year-old man at the residence for an ordinance violation for the barking.

Dec. 3, Publix Super Market, 3900 E. Bay Drive, warrant. Police officers stopped a vehicle and were investigating a possible reckless driver when a passenger announced that another passenger may have a warrant. An officer determined the passenger was wanted by Manatee County for aggravated assault and arrested him. The driver was cleared of abnormal driving.

Holmes Beach is policed by HBPD.

        Streetlife is based on incident reports and narratives from the BBPD, HBPD and MCSO.