High-speed, high-priced sports car crash ends in Holmes Beach in DUI arrest

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2016 Lamborghini
Kiri Stewart, 30

A Bradenton woman fishtailed, spun and crashed into two street signs while driving a 2016 Lamborghini on Manatee Avenue in Holmes Beach.

The driver, Kiri Stewart, 30, and her passenger, island businessman Shawn Kaleta, exited the vehicle uninjured, according to a Holmes Beach police report.

Stewart, 30, was arrested at 1:29 a.m. Dec. 29, 2018, for driving under the influence with property damage by Holmes Beach police.

From a parking lot at 4000 Gulf Drive, HB police officer witnessed the Lamborghini travel south on Gulf Drive and take a wide, left turn onto Manatee Avenue at a high rate of speed.

According to his report, the motorist accelerated aggressively, swerving off and back on the road, nearly hitting another eastbound vehicle from behind. The Lamborghini braked, passed the vehicle on its right, spun 180 degrees and struck two signs.

HB police officer approached the vehicle, determined there were no injuries and observed the passenger exit the vehicle, ignoring requests to remain in the car.

Stewart removed her high heels and began performing the field-sobriety test.

Kaleta said, “You don’t have to do this,” according to the report.

Several times HB Police Officer told Kaleta to step away and not to interfere with his investigation.

Stewart performed poorly on the roadside tests and was taken to the Holmes Beach police station, where she refused to take a blood-alcohol breath test.

At the station, Stewart told the officers, “Shawn said we have a get out of jail free card. I guess we don’t.”

West Manatee Fire Rescue was called to the scene due to smoke and odor from the vehicle, and disabled the Lamborghini power system.

With only 7,000 miles and an estimated $150,000 in damages, the vehicle was towed.

The Florida Highway Patrol also responded, reported the crash was due to “inattentive,” careless operation, exceeding the posted speed, running off the road and over-correction.

Stewart was transported to the Manatee County jail, where she posted a $500 bond and was released.

Her arraignment is set for 8:30 a.m. Thursday, Jan. 31, at the Manatee County Judicial Center, 1051 Manatee Ave. W., Bradenton.

10 thoughts on “High-speed, high-priced sports car crash ends in Holmes Beach in DUI arrest

  1. Janet Aubry

    Who’s name is the car titled in? Who paid for it? Was there a chance for a quick driver/passenger seat exchange before the police got to the car? Did another one of his girlfriend’s drive an exotic car – a Ferrari maybe – gifted to her by him? What are the odds somebody will enforce some law that will stop him before he kills somebody?
    Like one of us. Are his children safe? How does one acquire a “get out of jail free card”? This would be funny if it wasn’t so tragically dangerous.

      1. Janet Aubry

        Ok, I’ll cop to nosey with a caveat of concern. People are interested in how this guy manages to break so many laws and star in so many news stories yet still remains free to break more another day. The real fear is that somebody innocent is going to end up dead before law enforcement and the courts make something stick. I watched the video and agree it’s unlikely but NOT impossible there was a quick driver switch. A lot of people underestimate the guy – with the teflon Shawn anything seems possible. It’s all so unfortunate.

        1. bonnerj

          But, but, but…. You must be kidding. Can you change seats in your car in a matter of seconds while it’s moving? If so, what are you driving because it is IMPOSSIBLE in a sports car, especially so in a Lamberghini. What laws do you claim were broken by Shawn Kaleta — I’m not a close friend, but an acquaintance. Maybe I’ve misjudged him. But as far as I can see, the negative attitude on Anna Maria Island comes in part from jealousy, money envy, success at a relatively young age and misunderstanding. He has three charming young children growing up on AMI, and I think he loves it here as much as you do. Albeit, he is nothing like you. What builder (turned developer) would turn down construction jobs and the chance to build (and profit from) 80 homes a year? — Bonner Joy

          1. john Smith

            Bonner. joy u suck, the rich get richer no matter what. He’s a xxxx crook.I cant even stand you, Are there any residents left here, but no you live in Palma Sola right? It was so nice here a few years ago as a 14 1/2 yr resident but had to move off island because of your favorite contractor, ………

  2. Hank

    The pomposity of this guy is second to none. The island is collectively giggling like school children at this one.

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