Transportation experts surveying public on long-range plans

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The fare-free trolley operated by Manatee County Area Transit stops at the Manatee Public Beach in mid-April for people to catch a ride north. Transportation planners are circulating surveys for long-range planning among transit riders, motorists, bikers and more. Islander Photo: Lisa Neff



Transportation experts compiling a long-range plan know a survey of the general public will define problems.

They also hope people who complete the online survey can shape solutions.

The regional Sarasota/Manatee Metropolitan Planning Organization in collaboration with the Florida Department of Transportation and a host of committees is making 25-year plans in “Transform Tomorrow.”

The MPO must revise the document every five years to include a list of transportation improvements, reflect changing priorities, trends and technologies and also address safety, infrastructure, congestion, economics and environmental sustainability.

Technicians, consultants, government administrators and elected officials are shaping the plan, as are public comments via a survey on the MPO’s homepage at

The survey begins with basic questions:
• What is your primary mode of transportation?
• How important is transportation to your family?
• Have you missed work due to a lack of transportation?
• Do you drive a car?
• Do you ride a bicycle?
• Will you take public transit?
• Do you use Uber or Lyft?
• Do you walk, run or jog to a destination?

“They really want the public to participate,” Lynn Burnett of LTA Engineers, the contracted city engineer in Bradenton Beach and Holmes Beach, said May 6. “The goal is to have 4,500 people participate in this survey.”

Burnett commented at Bradenton Beach City Hall during a meeting of the Island Transportation Planning Organization, which consists of the island mayors and meets prior to the MPO board meeting. The May 6 meeting lasted less than 15 minutes.

About the MPO

The Sarasota/Manatee Metropolitan Planning Organization, established by interlocal agreements, is the regional transportation planning entity for Sarasota and Manatee counties. A 17-member board governs the MPO. Bradenton Beach Mayor John Chappie, as the current chair of the Island Transportation Planning Organization, is a member.

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  1. Bob Rogers

    Any discussion about transportation and the Island must include off-Island parking and public transport to and from the Island. Even if the bridges and feeder roads are upgraded there is no place to put more cars. Whether the solution is buses, trams or monorails, some form of public transportation is needed to get beachgoers on and off the Island.

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