Anna Maria prototype for plank fencing approved

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Approved July 11 by Anna Maria commissioners, the prototype fence, including engraved planks salvaged from the demolished city pier, will be built at City Pier Park at the corner of Pine Avenue and North Bay Boulevard. Islander Photo: Cory Cole

Old engraved pier planks will soon border Anna Maria’s City Pier Park.

Anna Maria commissioners met July 11 for a special meeting to consider a prototype fence built using the engraved planks removed from the city pier after it was deemed destroyed by Hurricane Irma in 2017.

The engraved planks were sold and installed as part of the City Pier Centennial in 2010-11 in a partnership by the City Pier Restaurant and The Islander newspaper.

Commissioner Doug Copeland made the motion to approve construction of the fence at City Pier Park across from the city pier at the corner of Pine Avenue and North Bay Boulevard, and Commissioner Dale Woodland seconded the motion.

The vote to approve was 4-0, with Commissioner Carol Carter absent with excuse.

“I’d like to get these planks out and back in the public eye as soon as possible,” Commission Chair Brian Seymour said.

Anna Maria’s public works department built the prototype the week of July 1 and now will continue the construction around the perimeter of the park.

Mayor Dan Murphy estimated the cost at $2,000, excluding labor.

2 thoughts on “Anna Maria prototype for plank fencing approved

  1. john Mcintyre

    We are glad and relieved to read that the old engraved planks will in fact be reused on the island.
    I had made many enquires since the hurricane but never received any official conformation of the fate of the old planks
    I bought one back in 2016 for our 25th wedding anniversary and it was always nice to revisit the island year after year and see the plank in all its glory on the old pier.
    We will be returning again this year in October and hope to find that our old plank survived the hurricane and is once again visible on the island from us and my family to enjoy for years to come.

    Thanks John

    1. Bonner Joy

      I not so happy about the city’s vision for the engraved planks. I think enclosing the park with a fence is a step backward — spoiling open space. The planks would be “on trend” with new decor styles, ie “shiplap,” in the restaurant and as siding. Way better than plasic/hardie board and more in character. After all, the city approved selling engraved planks for the pier long ago — they should be featured at the pier. — Bonner


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