Streetlife – 07-17-2019

Anna Maria

June 20, 200 Fir Ave. and the beach, abandoned property. A Manatee County sheriff’s deputy found a makeshift swimming hole, umbrella and other items left overnight on the beach and filled the hole with sand. The items, including the umbrella and a bag of garbage, were taken into MCSO storage.

The MCSO polices Anna Maria.

Bradenton Beach

July 3, 941 Deli, 119 Bridge St., criminal mischief. A deli manager reported a man, who was delivering coupons for a company, hit his head on a concrete staircase and left. He returned with a can of orange spray paint and painted the staircase where he hit his head. The manager estimated $500 in damages to the building, called the coupon company and reported the incident.

July 3, Sports Lounge, 118 Bridge St., bar fight. Witnesses reported a fight erupted among a number of people. Pool sticks were involved. At least one person was transported to Blake Medical Center in Bradenton for a hand injury. Police unsuccessfully searched the vicinity for an alleged female assailant and two males.

July 4, Circle K, 103 Gulf Drive S., Marchman Act. Bradenton Beach police took a 42-year-old Kentucky man to a medical facility after officers determined he was inebriated and unable to care for himself.

July 4, Coquina Park, 2000 Gulf Drive S., vehicle burglary. A pocket knife and prescription sunglasses valued at $430 were stolen after the owner left them in an unlocked vehicle.

July 5, Sports Lounge, 118 Bridge St., disorderly intoxication. An intoxicated 59-year-old man was observed picking fights with passersby on the sidewalk outside the bar. He was arrested and transported to the station and the Manatee County jail.

The BBPD polices Bradenton Beach.


June 12, 3600 block of 115th Street Court West, information. A man in a golf cart threatened a woman who was walking a dog, saying he would shoot the dog if she walked it down the street again. He then aimed and drove his golf cart at the dog and dog walker, veering before colliding with them.

The MCSO polices Cortez.

Holmes Beach

June 27, 300 block of 61st Street, suspicious incident. An owner signed up for the Holmes Beach police department’s house check program after finding a broken window, items ransacked and other evidence of unauthorized people staying in the unit.

June 27, Manatee Public Beach, resisting arrest/disorderly conduct. A Manatee County lifeguard attempted to diffuse an argument involving a 35-year-old Brandon man who knocked a cup out of the hands of another beachgoer. The man swore at the lifeguard, who requested police assistance to trespass the man. A struggle ensued with police and the man pulled away while being handcuffed, causing officers to fall to the ground. An officer used a taser on the man, who was transported to Manatee Memorial Hospital in Bradenton for a medical check due to the taser deployment and then to the jail.

June 28, 2800 block of Gulf Drive, information. A property manager called police about an unauthorized person living in a rental unit and a suspicious man seen leaving a bicycle in the dunes outside the house. A door was found open. No forced entry was found.

June 29, Manatee Public Beach, 4000 Gulf Drive, theft. Two beachgoers went into the Gulf and left a bag containing their belongings in the sand near upland vegetation. About an hour later, they returned to find the bag had been dumped and two iPhones and a wallet containing a driver’s license and Social Security card were missing.

July 1, 400 block of 62nd Street, theft. A 10-foot metal chain cordoning off an owner’s driveway was stolen between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. The chain was valued at $30.

July 1, 4400 block of Gulf Drive, vehicle burglary. An unknown person entered an unlocked vehicle and stole $85 and the key to a pickup truck.

July 3, Island Bazaar, 3304 E. Bay Drive, counterfeit money. A man returned a fake $10 bill, advising a clerk he had received the bill in change. Police seized the bill and placed it in evidence.

July 4, 3000 block of Gulf Drive, marijuana ordinance. Police pulled over an SUV driver for speeding and noted the odor of marijuana. The driver told an officer the drug belonged to a passenger. The passenger was ticketed for possessing less than 20 grams of marijuana after admitting got scared and threw his drugs under the SUV.

The HBPD polices Holmes Beach.

Streetlife is based on incident reports and narratives from the BBPD, HBPD and MCSO.

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