AM city pier contractor runs up on design flaw

Yes, Anna Maria, we have a problem.

Five utility conduits that fail to meet code on the new Anna Maria City Pier must be relocated.

Anna Maria Mayor Dan Murphy told The Islander Aug. 1 about a design error that is resulting in a change and relocation of the electrical conduits — at no cost to the city.

The design firm, Ayres Associates, will cover any expense due to the error.

Also, Murphy said the relocation of the conduits by the electrical contractor would not delay construction on the pier, and i+iconSOUTHEAST still is on track to finish the pier’s walkway and T-end in September.

The next stage in the project involves the construction of the shell structures for the restaurant, bait shop and restrooms on the T-end, which Murphy said will be completed by late December or early January by Holmes Beach-based contractor Mason Martin.

Murphy estimated Aug. 1 work on the restaurant-bait shop would begin within the next 30 days. Mason Martin is contracted to finish the building within 200 days, putting the deadline at Feb. 10, 2020.

Still to be resolved is the contract with the leaseholder of the pier, Mario Schoenfelder, according to the mayor.

Murphy said the city is negotiating with Schoenfelder on the terms of a new lease and city commissioners are engaged in the process.

When completed, the replacement pier is estimated to cost $5.9 million, including demolition and construction.

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