Bed tax collections surpass August 2018 totals

The dog days of summer brought in a flock of visitors to Anna Maria Island, producing an uptick in August tourist tax collections.

The 2019 bed tax collection of $882,349.76 was more than $100,000 higher than the August 2018 total of $768.904.44, after deducting a 3% tax office collection fee.

The county tourist tax rate is 5%. The tax, also known as the bed tax or resort tax, is collected on overnight rentals of six months or less.

Year-to-date collections also were well above 2018’s $13,544,573.70, ringing in at $14,787,910.30 for Oct.1-Aug.31.

The arrival of red tide in Aug. 2018 may have contributed to lower numbers last year, and the 2019 total lagged behind August collections for other years, with the exception of 2014.

Holmes Beach continued to lead the three island cities in tourist tax collections with $206,561.03 or 23.41% of the August collections.

Anna Maria collected $128,828.47 or 14.60% of bed tax totals.

Bradenton Beach pulled in $49,520.51 or 5.61% of the total collected.

Other numbers of interest:

  • The city of Bradenton, with 8.04% of money collected at $70,978.28.
  • Longboat Key, with 8.33% of collections.
  • Palmetto, with $1,353.40 or 0.15% of collected bed tax.
  • Unincorporated Manatee County areas accounted for $351,607.13 or 39.85% of bed tax collections.

The money is collected by the state and is then funded back to the county. State law requires using resort tax funds for tourism-related projects only.

The money funds the Bradenton Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Bradenton Area Convention Center, as well as ongoing tourist-related entities such as Realize Bradenton and the Pittsburgh Pirates, and beach renourishment on Anna Maria Island, it partially funds.

Tourist tax collections are reported in arrears and August numbers were released Oct.1.


Bed tax collections:

  • August 2014, $838,256.80.
  • August 2015, $940,044.17.
  • August 2016, $1,141,394.30.
  • August 2017, $1,208,085.18.
  • August 2018, $917,836.85.
  • August 2019,