Motion to reconsider denied in Bert Harris cases

The reconsideration sought by the plaintiffs was denied and summary judgment granted to Holmes Beach for three Bert Harris cases.

Represented by attorney Aaron Thomas of the Najmy Thompson law office in Bradenton, plaintiffs filed a motion Jan. 13 to reconsider a Jan. 8 ruling by 12th Circuit Court Judge Ed Nicholas.

The city countered with a motion to strike.

Nicholas filed his ruling Jan. 30, stating that the motion to reconsider was denied because the city did not “inordinately burden an existing use of real property or a vested right” to that use when it passed an ordinance limiting occupancy to two people per bedroom, reasserting his verbal order.

The judge’s initial ruling Jan. 8 granted the city’s motion for partial summary judgment and denied the same motion filed against the city by three owners of vacation rental properties.

His Jan. 30 written denial confirmed that order.

The owners, properties and their complaints are:

  • AMI Breeze, 209 54th St., reduction of 20 to 16 occupants.
  • Coral Escape of Holmes Beach, 132 50th St., reduction of 14 to 12 occupants.
  • Mojito Splash, 304 65th St., reduction of 12 to 10 occupants.

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