BBPD arrests Lakeland man for vehicle theft

Deputies from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office arrested Lakeland resident Martin Aldridge Sept. 17 for allegedly giving a false ID to deputies after they located a stolen vehicle on his property.

The Polk County deputies then contacted the Bradenton Beach Police Department to report they found a vehicle which had possibly been stolen from a Bradenton Beach resident.

A BBPD officer contacted the registered vehicle owner, who said she didn’t report the vehicle missing because she believed it was borrowed by a friend.

However, the owner reported that Aldridge didn’t have permission to take the vehicle and told the BBPD that Aldridge must have entered her house without permission to take her keys. She asked to press charges.

The BBPD officer issued her a case number and a victim’s rights pamphlet, then filed a capias request to press felony charges against Aldridge for grand theft auto and burglary.

The false ID charge is a misdemeanor.

The vehicle was recovered from the Lakeland property and returned to the owner.

Aldridge remained in custody at the Polk County jail under a $500 bond as of Sept. 25.

— Ryan Paice