Stranded turtle in recovery

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A loggerhead, found stranded in Holmes Beach and named Violet by rescuers, undergoes rehabilitation at Mote Marine Laboratory. Islander Photo: Courtesy Mote Marine Laboratory

Recovery is going well for a sea turtle found stranded off of Holmes Beach.

Representatives of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission contacted Mote Marine Laboratory Sept. 1 to rescue a loggerhead found bobbing in the water near 45th Street in Holmes Beach.

The female loggerhead, named Violet by Mote, was missing a front left flipper and suffered damage to its right front flipper.

Fishing gear was the likely cause of the missing flipper, according to Mote. Also, Violet’s right front flipper was X-rayed.

Mote reps drew blood, weighed the turtle, administered antibiotics and placed it in a pool.

Most recently, the turtle was on an iron supplement.

“She is doing very well,” Mote’s website stated Sept. 24.

Pending recovery, the turtle will be released to the Gulf of Mexico.

Check Violet’s progress at