Six trees removed from Coquina Beach

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Workers from Terry’s Tree Service remove six Australian pine trees June 11 from the south end of the Coquina Beach parking lot to make way for Manatee County’s stormwater drainage improvement project. County commissioners approved the tree removal to keep moving on the project. County administrator Cheri Coryea was scheduled to present a report on the removal of Australian pine trees at Coquina Beach Tuesday, June 18, at the county administrative center in Bradenton. The meeting was after press time for The Islander. Islander Photo: Ryan Paice

3 thoughts on “Six trees removed from Coquina Beach

  1. Karen Wood

    I totally agree with everything Janet Aubry said. It is disgusting how the POWERS THAT BE continue to make these decisions without considering the feelings of the tax payers, the people that pay the bills for these misguided projects.

    1. Janet Aubry

      I’d like to say how much I support our island cities. They really understand our needs and work hard to support them . It’s the county and the state that keep looking for ways to take advantage of us. I’d like it if collectively the cities would begin keeping a record of how individual county commissions vote (or don’t) on matters pertaining to the island. We should also record their public comments . At election time, we can pool our resources to fund a series of ads containing those findings in the local newspapers. The intention is to provide a public service for the use of island residents when casting their votes at the polls. We have a certain amount of power as locally registered voters and our collective votes can impact the makeup of the current county commission. Perhaps our input in that way would encourage an interest in representing us on the issues we care about in a more proactive way . If not, then we can find support those who will.
      I applaud Bradenton Beach for vigorously pursing the Coquina Beach tree removal legally if necessary and financially too. We need to start thinking and acting like an island and working together to ward off the continuing “invasion” of our community by outside interests who take our tax money by the buckets and give us nothing but grief and inconsideration in return. We need serious representation at the county and state levels . We need to elect people at those levels who listen and act for us in meaningful ways . But it is incumbent upon us to pay attention and speak up. Casting your vote with enlightenment from documented reality would be a good start. I move we start a process for taking back our destiny – looking for a second.

  2. Janet Aubry

    A member of a county department who takes it upon themselves to remove obviously sensitive trees for ANY reason without notifying the commission or meeting with the members of the community the trees are located in should be immediately suspended. If the commissioners were worth anything, they should have known what the county departments were up to and this project should never have been considered if it involved destroying island trees. What the commission should do now is stop the entire ill-conceived project, dismiss the offending employee, and end all this secretive, cloak and dagger operational irresponsibility that happens over and over again once and for all. Ms. Coreya’s comment that it is unlikely the engineering can be re-done is beyond arrogant and insulting. Someone should explain to her the real point is it should never have occurred in the first place if it included irresponsibly and ignorantly taking down even one tree. Anyone in her position should have known that step one should have been to first determine the wishes of the people who live on the island and in whose taxpaying district the money to pay her salary and and that of the commissioners comes from. If it will be expensive or inconvenient to cancel or re-engineer the project to try to make it feasible while addressing the tree issues, then I guess the county will suffer the consequences of not minding the store and pay the price at the polls in the next election. Only then will government perhaps finally learn not to waste our money with their incompetence and then try to use the waste they created as an excuse to chastise us for wanting to do the right thing which is to stop the madness.

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