Osprey nests atop Bradenton Beach cell tower

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An osprey, a fish-eating bird of prey, sits Feb. 5 in the nest it made atop the cell tower in Bradenton Beach. Bradenton Beach Police Chief Sam Speciale told The Islander Feb. 3 the osprey nest will remain undisturbed on the structure unless the tower needs repairs. In 2017, an osprey nest was removed from the tower because Hurricane Irma left the tower damaged. Islander Photo: ChrisAnn Allen

One thought on “Osprey nests atop Bradenton Beach cell tower

  1. Janet Aubry

    Bless this little island where nesting birds are protected from destructive unbridled development even as we ourselves are assaulted by it. I would rather bear the burden of losing my own home to the madness than see Mother Nature’s creatures suffer and die out. It has been a great long 35 year run living here and a lifetime of visiting here from early childhood. I hope the birds are still coming, staying and thriving long after I’m gone indeed long after we are all gone. As it should be.

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