8 Holmes Beach charter review candidates count down to election

Eight candidates are racing to fill five seats on Holmes Beach’s charter review commission.

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Every five years, the city must review its charter and discuss updates and changes. A central issue for the next charter review commission will be the possible addition of a professional city manager to implement and carry out city administrative orders.

Any such change to the charter requires the review commission to put forth a recommendation that would go before the city commission. If the commission passes the ordinance, it would appear on ballots for the electorate to vote on.

As of Oct. 24, 67-year-old Jay Calhoun received $175 in total campaign contributions, including $100 from his wife, Sara, $25 from David Cheshire of Holmes Beach and $50 from himself. Calhoun’s only campaign expenses are two $3 bank fees and $102.15 for printed materials.

Claudia Carlson, 67, funded $150 of her $175 in campaign contributions, with the other $25 from David Cheshire of Holmes Beach. Her $145.08 in expenditures includes $25.64 for campaign fliers, $8.29 to print campaign literature at Walgreens and $102.15 for campaign postcards.

Nancy Deal, 69, raised $175 in campaign contributions, with $150 from herself and $25 from David Cheshire of Holmes Beach. Deal’s only listed campaign expense is $102.15 for campaign postcard mailers.

Major Leckie, 87, raised $185 in campaign contributions, $160 from himself and $25 from Cheshire. His only listed expenses include a $10 monthly service charge from Hancock Bank and $102.15 for campaign postcards.

Thomas W. Sean Murphy, 66, self-funded $2,400 for his campaign, and listed three expenditures, two for mailings, totaling $1,404, as well as a $883.45 expense for signs, all from Steam Designs Studio.

Johnny Rigney, 60, raised $1,350 in campaign contributions. He self-funded $1,100 and received $250 from Hugh Holmes Sr. of Holmes Beach. Rigney’s two listed expenditures are $76.26 for five political signs and $746.45 for campaign postcards.

Edward Upshaw, 66,self-funded $250 and received $25 from Cheshire. Upshaw spent $133.82 of his contributions, with $102.16 used to print and mail campaign flyers, and another $25.66 for flyers.

David Zaccagnino, 48, self-funded $600 in campaign contributions. Of the $337.02 in campaign expenses, $250 was spent on postage and $77.02 on envelopes, according to the Manatee County Supervisor of Elections.

No candidates received any in-kind contributions.

Charter commissioners are not paid and the committee dissolves once the review is completed.

As of Sept. 19, there were 2,782 registered voters in Holmes Beach, according to the SOE.

Voters will cast ballots Tuesday, Nov. 6, at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, 6608 Marina Drive, and St. Bernard Catholic Church, 248 S. Harbor Drive.

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